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I, a user of the product of SSIA, who has of his/her own volition decided to refer/recommend the product/service of the SSIA, hereby agrees to conduct my SSIA business according to following ethical guidelines :-

1. As a basic guideline in my activity as an “securedlives adviser”, I will endeavour to always treat others as I would have them treat me.

2. I will respect and follow this Code of Conduct both in letter and spirit.

3. I will represent SSIA products/services and the SSIA Sales and Marketing Plan to all prospective users/customers in a truthful and honest manner, and I will make sure to represent only what is approved in official SSIA publications and on the website.

4. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility because I recognize that my conduct as an securedlives adviserhas far-reaching effects.

5. In my SSIA business, and for the process of protecting the SSIA Marketing Plan, I will use only SSIA produced or SSIA authorised publications.

6. I shall not while inviting a prospective customer/user to hear a presentation/seminar of the SSIA products/services Marketing Plan, utilize the invitation nor directly or indirectly induce others:
a. to give impression that it relates to an employment opportunity;
b. to imply that the invitation is to a ‘social event’;
c. to disguise the invitation as market survey;
d. to imply that it is other than a business event;
e. to promote the business opportunity as a business relationship with a person, company or organization other than SSIA;
f. to deny, if asked, that the presentation/seminar is about the SSIA Marketing Plan.

7. In the Course of presentation or otherwise, I shall:
a. Not emphasize more on the potential earning trough the Marketing Plan of SSIA than the utility of the products/services of SSIA;
b. Not represent that a person can benefit solely by referring to others or by obtaining products/services for personal use at his own costs;
c. Not claim that one may achieve success or benefit with little or no investment by way of effort or time;
d. Emphasize that income by way of commission can be achieved only by way of continuous reference/recommendation activities and effort in that direction;
e. Not exaggerate or overstate the kind of potential earnings that can be generated by the SSIA business. Only true and actual earnings shall be projected;
f. Indemnify SSIA on account of any costs or damages that may arise due to any such misrepresentation or any other act/omission not in compliance with this Code.

8. I understand that I am working as an independent contractor operating my own SSIA business. I shall neither convey the impression or refer myself as employee, agent, manager, or representative of SSIA nor use such terminology on my stationery or other printed matter. I, hereby, undertake to indemnify SSIA in respect of any costs or damages arising as a result of any such misrepresentation of my relationship with SSIA.

9. I undertake to observe all laws, policy, rules and/or regulations, central or local as may be applicable from time to time and shall keep SSIA indemnified against all actions, claims, demands, prosecution, penalties including costs thereof and not excluding SSIA’s legal costs which might be made or brought against SSIA in respect of any of or arising out of any breach, infringement or infraction of any laws, regulations and code of practice, by me, arising out of the operation of the SSIA Business.

10. I shall not engage in any activities, which may bring disrepute to SSIA or any products/services of SSIA and undertake to indemnify SSIA on account of any costs or damages that may arise due to any such activities.

11. I shall comply with all requirements, guidelines, which are issued from time to time by SSIA and any indisciplinary action performed by me may result in termination.

12. I shall not commit any ‘act of default’ (as defined in the user agreement) and undertake to indemnify SSIA on account of any costs or damages that may arise due to any such Act of Default committed by me.